LuluCastagnette fragrances
convey the freshness and spirit of the brand!

LuluCastagnette fragrances are meant for young girls and young women in search of originality and lightness.
Young, cheerful and easy to wear, they are made for every moment of your life. You can easily change them in accordance with your mood or desire.


Indomptée /!\, je t'M :-), lol ;-), Just 4 U :-X and Golden Dre@m, the fragrances of the "SMS range", are fun and sparkling and have a very "girly" spirit: these are true "mood" and fragrances of "humour" …!

LuluRose, Lulu, LuluForever and Lady Castagnette are four charming fragrances... Creative and delighful, the perfect quatuor for asserted women! Bold, romantic, fashionista or elegant, these fragrances are made for you!